Wholesale Retail Heirloom & NON-GMO Organic Seeds | Galusha Hill
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For Retailers

Tabletop seed racks:

Our tabletop seed racks are a great way to engage your customers at checkout or near the register.

Locally grown seed performs better in our climate than seed grown by large companies in other parts of the country. We focus on varieties that are proven in northern New England and only sell seed that was grown on our farm. Garden seed inspires excitement and imagination; by displaying our seed racks you let your customers know that you support local agriculture and small businesses.

Small Tabletop Display Rack

80 packets with a 40% wholesale discount

  • Heirloom tomato collection
  • Flower collection
  • Homesteader collection

$187.00Add to cart

$168 + ($19 rack)
A retail value of $280

Large Tabletop Display Rack

160 packets with a 50% wholesale discount

  • Heirloom Tomato collection
  • Flower collection
  • Garden collection

$301.00Add to cart

$280 + ($21 rack)

A retail value of $560

Additional discounts available for multiple display rack purchases ~

Restocking packets are available for $2.10 each.

All displays come with a set of 25 catalogs.

Reach out about becoming a Galusha Hill Organic Seeds retailer.